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Thank You!

I have been teaching people how to shoot for over 20 years. Mostly, just taking them to the range or the woods, setting up some cans and teaching the basic fundamentals. Over the years I have wanted to become a certified instructor and open my own business. So, with a little encouragement from my wife, Pam, I set out to do just that last year. I obtained my instructor certification in July, opened my business in August and held my first class in October. This week, I launched the DFT website and with a little help from the good Lord, I'll obtain my Texas LTC Instructor certification in September. I've had a lot of support and guidance to get where I am today. First, I want to thank the good Lord above for giving me the ability to do this. Without Him, none of this would have been possible. Next is my family; my wife Pam, daughters Whitnie & Chelsea, their husbands Cody & Jordan, my mom Linda, my dad John, my brother Lance, many of my cousins, Stephen, Cyndi, Chris, Susan, Charles, Mark and many more. Next are the businesses and people that have assisted and guided me through this process; Jim Lynch, Aubrey David, Larry Browning and John with Tactical & Defensive of Texas, Randy Bryant with Avenger Firearms, Drew Rawls with @Home Pest Control and Ralph Gorgal. I'd also like to say thank you to Stephanie, Bos, Cole, John, Bob and Patrick with B-Tactical, as well as to my students Sarah, Jim, Zach, Roy, Rusty, Chelsea & Jordan. I would not be where I am today without the love, support, guidance and patronage of those listed above. Thank you all and I truly hope I can repay your kindness some day.

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