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Five-0 Holsters & Accessories

A few years ago my dad asked if I would help find him a holster for his Springfield XD. Finding a holster for his XD was easy, finding one that fit his SureFire X400 not so much.

Well, after Pop passed, my stepmom introduced me to her niece, McKenzie and McKenzie's husband Matt Breihan. I learned Matt is a military veteran, a retired LEO and they owned Five-0 Holsters & Accessories. They told me they make holsters and accessories to order and could make me one.

When I got home after Pop's funeral, I went to their website, looked at what they had and filled out an order form. McKenzie responded within minutes and asked if I could send them the pistol light because they didn't haveordered who turned out to be family.....and they told me they could make one.

I sent them the X400 light/laser that was on Pop's pistol and a little more than 3 weeks later I received the made to order Kydex holster. The holster is made of quality Kydex and fits the pistol and light like a glove. It holds the pistol close to the body and for a full size pistol is easy to conceal.

I know this would have been the holster Pop would have been looking for. Five-0 Holsters & Accessories has earned my business for sure and is now my preferred holster and accessory dealer.

If you're in the market for a quality holster at a reasonable price give my friends at Five-0 Holsters & Accessories a call. Tell them Jeff with DFT sent you.

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