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So, You Want to Purchase a Firearm

So, you’ve decided you want to purchase a firearm. Owning a firearm comes with a lot of responsibility and in some cases ridicule. Before purchasing your firearm, you must ask yourself a few questions.

1. Why do I want a firearm? Is it to exercise your constitutional right? Is it for recreational use? Is it going to be for home defense? Or is it because you want to obtain your license to carry/concealed carry permit? Once you’ve determined what the firearm will be used for, you can move to question two.

2. What is my budget? Do I want a pistol or revolver? If it’s for concealed carry, is it something that I’ll be willing to carry every day? You’re going to want to buy the best firearm possible for your budget. Don’t let anyone tell you what firearm you should buy. You should buy the firearm that fits your budget, that you can shoot well and if for every day carry, one that you will carry every day.

3. Can I handle, load, unload and shoot the firearm safely and proficiently? Once you’ve decided the type of firearm you want to buy and what your budget is, go to a range like B-Tactical, CYA or the Dallas Gun Range and rent guns similar to the one you want to purchase to ensure you can handle, load, unload and shoot safely and proficiently.

4. After confirming you can handle, shoot, load and unload the firearm safely and proficiently, do your research on the firearm and manufacturer. Be sure you’re buying a quality firearm, at a fair price. Then, go to a reputable dealer, whether it be a big box store like Academy or Cabela’s, or a local license firearms dealer like Avenger Firearms and purchase the firearm.

5. After making your purchase, read the owner’s manual and learn how to field strip and clean the firearm. Then practice with the firearm and train everyone that will have access to the firearm on the safe handling, loading, unloading and shooting of the firearm.

6. Learn, teach and live gun safety. Owning a firearm, regardless of purpose, is a HUGE responsibility. Ensure you and those who will have access to the firearm learn gun safety. Ensure you and others know how to safely handle, store, load, unload, maintain and shoot the firearm. Ensure to obtain training on gun safety, proper use, defensive tactics, etc. Consider obtaining self-defense insurance, whether it’s through the NRA, the USCCA or Texas/US Law Shield.

Let’s start a conversation. Is there anything else you can think of that a person should consider before purchasing a firearm?

Remember, owning a firearm is a huge responsibility and any round you send down range has an attorney attached to it. Be safe, be responsible and be prepared.

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