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So, You Want to Carry a Firearm

So, you’ve decided to obtain your concealed carry permit, or license to carry if you’re in Texas. To some, carrying a firearm is something they do to be cool. For others, it’s to make up for short comings in other areas, because their friends are doing it, or it’s so they can exercise their constitutional right. The main reason you should want to obtain your carry permit is to be responsible for the defense of yourself and your loved ones. The US Supreme Court has ruled the police have no duty to defend you. And when they do, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. As a result, you must be your own first responder. But before taking the class and qualifying, you must ask yourself a few questions.

1. Why do I want to carry a firearm? Is it to exercise your constitutional right? Is it because your friends are getting theirs and you want to get one too? Or is it because you want to take personal responsibility for the defense of yourself and your loved ones?

2. Am I mentally and physically responsible and mature enough to carry a firearm? If you answer no, maybe you should reconsider getting your permit. If you answer yes, move to question three.

3. If I had to, could I shoot another person to stop a threat in the protection of my life or the life of my loved ones? If you answer no, maybe you should reconsider getting your permit. If you answer yes, move to question four.

4. Will I to carry every day or just when I go to places that are unsafe? If you only plan to carry occasionally, or in places that you consider unsafe, you might want to reconsider getting your carry permit or going to those places. If you plan to carry every day, then proceed to question five.

5. Where can I go to take the classroom portion and qualify in order to apply for my carry permit? There are a lot of reliable, trustworthy and professional places to take the concealed carry/LTC course. Delaney Firearms Training, Tactical & Defensive of Texas and B-Tactical are just a few as an example. In Texas, you can go to the DPS website and find a list of certified instructors in your area.

6. Lastly, after obtaining your permit, does this mean there’s nothing else I need to do? The answer to that question is NO. After obtaining your carry permit, you should seek additional training opportunities to learn defensive tactics, conflict resolution, drawing from cover, the use of cover and concealment, as well as how to react in an active shooter situation. These are just a few training classes recommended for you to take. In addition to these classes, you should go to the range as often as you can to practice your marksmanship and build your muscle memory. When a SHTF situation occurs, you will rely on the lowest form of training obtained. Even with training however, you will not know how you will react until placed in that situation. But it’s better to prepare yourself mentally and physically to react and increase your chances of surviving a self-defense situation, than not training and losing that encounter.

Is there anything else you can think of that a person should consider before obtaining their license to carry/concealed carry permit? Let’s start a conversation by leaving your comments below.

Remember, you are responsible for being your own first responder and personal safety. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

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