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2nd Amendment Rights and Responsibilities

I truly believe it is each and every American citizens right to own a firearm and protect themselves, their property and their loved ones. With that said, owning a firearm comes with a huge responsibility. A responsibility that some gun owners take lightly. If you're like me, you've seen some gun owners that were neither mature or responsible enough to own or carry a firearm. So, what can we do to teach gun owners, or those non-gun owners curious about firearms responsible gun ownership? The easy answer is EDUCATION and TRAINING. Prior to buying a firearm, one should educate themselves on that firearm, know how it functions and determine whether it is the right firearm for them and whether it will fit their needs. After buying a firearm, one should take a gun safety course to learn safe gun handling skills. Learn how to safely handle, load, unload and shoot the firearm. Learn the proper way to maintain, care for and store the firearm. Then train with that firearm. Go to the range and shoot the firearm and become proficient with it. Find an instructor and get one on one instruction, or attend a handgun class to learn new skills and do something other than just putting holes in paper. If you're going to get your concealed carry permit, you'll need to learn how to draw from concealment. Most ranges won't allow you to draw from a holster while on the firing line, so this is another reason to take a defensive handgun class. Then, don't stop there, look into obtaining self defense insurance. The state you reside in may have preemptive laws that protect you from prosecution, but they won't protect you from being arrested or detained. Look into organizations like the USCCA or Texas/US Law Shield who offer self defense insurance. Their plans offer attorney representation in both criminal and civil litigation, bail you out of jail should you be arrested, as well as offer you mental health counseling should you need it after a self defense incident. Some plans even pay you for each day you have to appear in court so you don't lose money for missing work. A responsible gun owner is a gun owner that trains with their firearm, is safe in their handling and storing of their firearm, and protects themselves and their families by having insurance should a self defense situation ever arise. You have car insurance and home insurance in the event of an incident......shouldn't you have insurance to cover yourself in the event of a self defense incident? So remember, although it is your God given right to own a firearm and protect yourself, to be a responsible gun owner you should educate yourself and others, get training and get insurance. Until next time, remember, God is awesome. Put everything in his hands. Stay safe, shoot straight and may God bless!

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